Welcome to Björnögården!


Björnögården is an outdoor center on the island Björnö only 15 minutes
from Västerås city. Björnö is famous for its beautiful nature and rich wild life with many birds and deers. Here you find hiking trails, mountainbike trails, running tracks and a nice beach.

At Björnögården you find an outdoor store, café, conference center and cabins for rental. The outdoor store have rental and courses in a lot of difference activities, for example nordic skating, crosscountry skiing, mountainbike, kayaking and Stand Up Paddling.


Rent cottage Västerås

Stay in the Swedish nature, rent a cabin in Västerås. We have 10 cabins in different sizes for rental with the lake and nature just outside.

  • Three cabins with 2-3 beds a small table and a fridge.
  • Four cabins got 3-4 beds a small table and a fridge
  • One cabin got 5-6 beds a small table and a fridge.
  • Two cabins got 10 beds, bathroom and a large kitchen.

If you stay in the smaller cabins you got WC and shower in a separate building and kitchen and dining area in the service house. Parking is free and not far from the cabins.

Contact and booking at +46 (0)21-262 00 or



1   DAY

2   DAYS






2 – 3 beds (1 bed couch + 1 single bed)
Cabin with one room, a table and a small fridge. Public kitchen in the service house. WC and shower in separate building. 
700 SEK 1300 SEK 1800 SEK 2250 SEK 2700
3 – 4 beds (1 bed couch + 1 bunk bed)
Cabin with one room, a table and a small fridge. Public kitchen in the service house. WC and shower in separate building. 
900 SEK 1600 SEK 2300 SEK 2900 SEK 3400 SEK 3900 SEK 4400 SEK
5 – 6 beds (1 bed couch + 2 bunk beds)
Cabin with one room, a table and a small kitchen. Public kitchen in the service house. WC and shower in separate building. 
1100 SEK 1800 SEK 2500 SEK 3100 SEK 3600 SEK 4100 SEK 4600 SEK
10 beds (5 bunk beds)
Cabin with three bedrooms, a big kitchen, WC and shower.
2300 SEK 4200 SEK 5800 SEK 7200 SEK 8500 SEK 9800 SEK 11000 SEK


Outdoor activities

Nordic Skating Sweden

Björnögården is and outdoor center by the lake Mälaren and our main activities are on the lake. In the winter with nordic skates on the ice and in the summer with kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard. We also have mountainbikes, road racing bikes, canoes, Big SUP, hiking equipment, cross country skiis and regular icehockey skates for rental.

We arrange basic courses in mountainbike, kayaking and nordic skating. The course takes 2h, cost 649 SEK and include the equipment you need. If you are five persons you could book your own course with one of our coaches/guides.

Kayaking Västerås


Our high rope track is an exciting challenge that puts both your balance and problem solving ability to the test. It is suitable for both small and large persons and together you climb from tree to tree with the help of suspension bridges, nets, zip lines and other fun challenges.

High rope track Västerås

The course consists of two parts. The first part is about four meters above the ground and the second about eight meters, both are included in the price. You borrow the security equipment/climbing gear from us and have an instructor that helps you the whole time. Recommended legth in the high rope track is 150 cm.

Adults:            399 SEK/person
Teenagers:     299 SEK/person (up to 16)
Children:        249 kr/person (up to 10)

Contact and booking at +46 (0)21-262 00 or



Café in Vasteras


Welcome to our cosy café with a fire place and nice views at the surruonding nature. In the café you could enjoy a swedish ”fika”, coffee with a delicious  pastry, or a lite lunch.

The café have open everyday from 10.00 to 16.00.

Find us!

Aktivt Uteliv Björnögården
723 48 Västerås

By car:
From the city center the road that takes you here is named ”Björnövägen”.
Follow it all the way to its end, go cross the bridge
and follow the main road up the hill.
You can see a big parking space to the right,
and Björnögården is the building to the left.
The parking is free of charge.

If  you come from the motorway, follow signs to
Västerås Airport, and after that signs to Björnö.
It leads you to our road, Björnövägen. Follow description above.

By bus:
You can take the bus from the city center or train station. The ”green line”, number 2, takes you all the way to us in 20 minutes. The name of the end station is ”Björnögården”.


Please contact us for more information or questions.

Phone: 0046 21 262 00